What Did I do Last Week?

Last week was the first full week of September, so I’m starting to receive plenty of Christmas orders. (I know, in September!!) I’ll try to keep as many of the Christmas things until December or the New Year, as I don’t want to spoil any surprises. Of course, you can find my current sneek-peek here, and a full archive of the behind-the-scenes series over here.

So what happened last week?

Last week I was asked to make a special cushion. This is a memorial gift using handwriting from the customer’s father-in-law. She asked me to take some text from a greetings card and embroider it, to be given to her mother-in-law. Here is what she sent me and a picture of me getting down to work:


The work is now complete and this lovely bereavement memento is in-transit to my customer. I do hope that it is a comfort to her mother-in-law and that it captures some joy and fondness from this sample of handwriting.


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