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Mr Beanie’s Grown-up Advent Calendar

There’s all sorts of things you can put in these little pockets, as Mr Beanie has proved. Cheers and Merry Christmas!

These are actually full size bottles in a gigantic 12 foot high advent calendar. Don’t expect Mr Beanie to be of any use in December

Don’t miss out on the fun, order one here and fill it full of miniatures

Advent Calendar Perfection

I love the countdown to Christmas. As a child I had one of these

Catherine a
Cadbury’s are not giving me any money (or chocolate) for this advertising… They should!

(ok, so I’m using the term ‘child’ quite loosely; my mum kept buying me one until I bought my own house!) But for 2014 and each and every subsequent year I have my new, improved advent calendar

Blue Oversized Advent Calendar £35
Midnight Tree Advent Calendar

And this is what I shall be filling it with

Mmm yummy

You can order yours here

Christmas in the Beanie Cave

It’s been a long time since I’ve posted: I’ve been super busy getting ready for Christmas, beavering away in the Beanie Cave…

I really need to badger NPower to connect me to the national grid. Hand-cranking a sewing machine has left me with an overdeveloped right arm

Next year I’m going to start preparing for Christmas in April. You see, working in the dark of my cave, with only a head torch for light, really tires my eyes and I need to take frequent breaks. Not to mention that this cave is actually in Fife, it takes a fair amount of time to commute to work each day.

In spite of all that, preparations for Christmas are coming on apace and I’ve roped in the techno wizard that is Mr Beanie to aid me in showing my Christmas goodies to the world.

Really I think the messages I want to convey to you now, in the strongest possible terms are:

1) Sorry I have been ignoring you

2) My Christmas shop is OPEN