The Best Children’s Advent Calendars?

Are we the best? Well, the people at the British broadsheet newspaper The Independent think so. Memory Thread Co. was been featured in The Indy’s 2015 Best Kid’s Advent Calendars selection as one of only fifteen featured calendars to be enjoyed by children. Of course the Little Beanie is also in their main image, too! This doesn’t mean that older children (adults?) can’t enjoy our advent calendars. After all, they’re now officially the best. Browse the full collection of Bow Beanie’s Quilted Advent Calendars here

Advent Calendar Perfection

I love the countdown to Christmas. As a child I had one of these (ok, so I’m using the term ‘child’ quite loosely; my mum kept buying me one until I bought my own house!) But for 2014 and each and every subsequent year I have my new, improved advent calendar And this is what I shall be filling it with You can order yours here