What am I working on?

This is hopefully going to be a regular feature here on the MTC blog. In this series of posts, I will keep a record of the products featured on my ‘behind the scenes’ page. You can find this week’s studio activities there, with a full archive to start up here.

So what happened last week?

Last week, I was asked by Rachel to take some text from a greetings card, move it around and embroider it for a framed picture. The preview image looked like this:

Framed Handwriting for Rachel - Behind the Scenes 28th August 2017

This beautiful gift has now been completed and is winging its way over to Rachel. When the work was all done, this is what Rachel is going to receive. It is always a joy to be able to create something that brings happiness to someone. Rachel wanted to keep this short note from a friend on display where it wouldn’t become frayed or tatty. I have been able to increase the size and embroider the handwriting, so it can always be seen. I hope it brings Rachel happiness.

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