The Best Children’s Advent Calendars?

Well, the people at the British broadsheet newspaper The Independent think so. Bow Beanie has been featured in The Indy’s 2015 Best Kid’s Advent Calendars selection as one of only fifteen featured calendars to be enjoyed by children. Of course the Little Beanie is also in their main image, too! This doesn’t mean that older children (adults?) can’t enjoy our advent calendars, after all, they’re now officially the best. By all means, check out the article here and then  browse the full collection of Bow Beanie’s Quilted Advent Calendars here

Not Just Children’s Art…

I’m sure everyone is well aware by now how much I love reproducing children’s art in handmade keepsakes or as something a bit more useful. However when I was recently approached to reproduce something from a hand-made wedding invitation to be made in to a keepsake wedding gift for the bride, I couldn’t refuse. Mr Beanie and I had an exceptionally small wedding and given that more than half of the attendees were children, we had very few gifts at our wedding, but it was enough to know that a present with real heart and thought is rare. (Small note: last week Mr Beanie smashed the last of our wedding gift wine glasses, so we now have not a single…

Positive Barbie Alternatives

So a timely post… World Doll Day seems to be today! The Little Beanie’s birthday is now fast approaching and we’ve been looking at some gift ideas. Aside from the obvious hand-made little bits and pieces (perhaps a new personalised superhero cape might be in order as she’s really grown since the last one! [also watch this space for news on these returning to Bow Beanie’s shop in an all-new format]) the Little Beanie herself has been asking for a Barbie doll. The specific doll she is after is the Barbie Rainbow Makeover Hair (thanks to the unrelenting advertising on Channel Five!) but Mr Beanie has put his foot down against any doll that pigeon-holes women into both unrealistic body expectations…

Mothers’ Day Competition Winner

  It was Mothers’ day in America yesterday, am I right? Well in any case back on this side of the pond, I ran a giveaway on my facebook page for the United Kingdom’s Mums (It’s the sorta thing I do, because I’m a generous soul!) The winner of the giveaway was a lovely lady with a little boy with a thing for Spiderman; look at this picture he drew (clever little sausage!) The prize was for me to reproduce the child’s drawing on fabric to produce a wonderful framed keepsake picture to treasure. The Little Beanie quite likes Spider-Man too; she wanted to keep it to decorate her room with. Actually she puts forward a good case to keep…

Every Day Mum

Mothers’ day is just around the corner, From now until the 15th March I will be offering a 15% discount both here and in my Etsy shop. Just use the code EVERYDAYMUM when you checkout. I have a whole new range of products which are perfect as gifts for mothers and grandmothers, or anybody really – let’s face it, they are adorable. You can have a child’s artwork reproduced faithfully onto fabric to produce a framed picture, a bag, a cushion cover, a hankie… I could put your child’s picture on a nightie if you want! The possibilities are endless and I’m very happy to work with you on a special project

Mr Beanie’s Grown-up Advent Calendar

There’s all sorts of things you can put in these little pockets, as Mr Beanie has proved. Cheers and Merry Christmas! Don’t miss out on the fun, order one here and fill it full of miniatures

Advent Calendar Perfection

I love the countdown to Christmas. As a child I had one of these (ok, so I’m using the term ‘child’ quite loosely; my mum kept buying me one until I bought my own house!) But for 2014 and each and every subsequent year I have my new, improved advent calendar And this is what I shall be filling it with You can order yours here

Christmas in the Beanie Cave

My Christmas Shop is OPEN

How to Applique: Easy Peasy with Bondaweb

Most of the things I make involve some applique work, which is to patch or “apply” something to the original piece of fabric. I love the extra dimension it gives, lifting what might be plain and utilitarian into something beautiful. I’ve recently been making an owl bag for a very lovely lady. Today I thought I would give you some insight into one of the handmade processes that went into making it: how to applique using bondaweb.

The Sewing Doctor

I’ve always been one of those crafty types; drawing, painting, sticking, making. Years passed and when I tried to tell the Little Beanie that I’m a doctor, she said, “Don’t be silly Mummy.” She might be wrong about that, but she’s absolutely right when she sends me home from the school drop-off telling me “Do your sewing work mummy… and the ironing.”