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Memory Thread Company | Handmade Keepsakes for All Occasions

Embroidered keepsakes from your handwriting and artwork.

Send a photo of your children’s drawing or a loved ones’ handwritten note and Memory Thread Co will create you a custom made embroidered keepsake gift.

Choose from a wide range of handmade keepsake products including a framed piece of fabric art, an embroidered handkerchief, a blanket or a bookmark.

Custom keepsake gifts from your handwriting or your children's drawing


Create a baby keepsake by making a memory quilt from your child's baby clothes

Every mother remembers their baby’s very first outfit. Two tiny arms were delicately eased into soft new sleeves. Five perfect, wrinkled fingers emerged as you slid the fabric back over those chubby little wrists. Did you spend months, maybe years, dreaming about that special outfit? That life-changing day? Your precious new baby? Where is that very first outfit now?

Instead of allowing the memories of your child’s babyhood to collect dust in a box, Memory Thread Co would be honored to create personalized memory quilts, bunting, and pillows produced from your baby’s cherished clothes. Each bespoke memory keepsake is unique and special, just like the memories, it’s made up of. They are carefully handcrafted and created just for you

Create a baby clothes quilt or memory pillow from you child's baby clothes with Memory Thread Co